Everybody do the Cha Cha!


Most of you have learned the basics steps to the Cha Cha, but what else do you know? This dance originated in Cuba and is known for starting on the second beat as well as its syncopated fourth beat.  Famous for sassy hip action, the Cha Cha is the ultimate flirtation dance. Be sure to attend…..

Get on the bus with us!

Bus Driver

Join us as we bus over  to TEAM MATCH on August 23rd! This is a great opportunity to compete, be with teachers and friends, and dance your heart out as we go head to head with other studios! Talk to your teacher as soon as possible to see how you can get prepared for this event!…..

Coaching with Daniel Heroux!


Daniel Heroux is coming next week for coaching lessons! This is a great opportunity to get another pair of eyes on your dancing. The fastest results come from personal coaching so you won’t want to pass up this opportunity. Reserve your time slot now before they run out!  

Welcome Back!


We hope you had a great Independence day Weekend! We had an incredible workshop by Bob Powers last week before the break…better get in the studio to practice before you forget what you learned! See you then!  

Bob and Julia Powers!


Don’t miss this incredible chance to get instruction from champions Bob and Julia Powers! They will be here Tuesday and Wednesday!! Note: We’ve had some changes to the schedule for this week. The Bob Powers workshop will be held on TUESDAY at 7:45 (not Thursday like previously scheduled). The original Tuesday class, Bronze 1 & 2 Progressive, will be held…..

Studio Closed…

We had a fantastic end to the Festival Celebrations last week! So much fun! But don’t worry, the fun doesn’t end! Be sure to come each week to the Wednesday night dance parties as well as make friends in our group classes. Also, the studio will be closed this Saturday, June 28th. The rest of the…..

Festival Winners!


Here are some photos from last week’s Festival party! Congrats to all our winners! You were so dedicated, fun, and a blast to party with! Raffle Winners: 1st – John Myers 2nd – Denise MOntgomery 3rd – Susan Miller 4th – Sephra Jackson 5th – Tami Papke Best Costume winners: George & Gail Logan, Joe &…..

pics from last week’s party!!!


We had a blast on our African safari! Congrats to Travis for winning the game! Check out these pictures from the game we played and join us this Wednesday for even MORE fun at our Hawaiian luau!!!    

Alaska was a Blast!!!


We had such a great escape from the Texas heat this last week at our Alaskan party. Thanks to everyone who came, dressed up, and made the night so much fun! Be sure to join us this week in the wild African desert for a fun Safari themed night!

Are you “smooth” enough??

This week is all about the smooth, fancy, and sophisticated life. Join us for a luxurious Parisian themed party on Wednesday night and then an incredible Smooth master class taught by the renowned Agnes! You won’t want to miss this week!!!